Prison Break Season 1 720p Bluray English Subtitles

It's here! The release of "Prison Break" season 1 on bluray in its original 720p widescreen HD. Prison break is the most amazing show on television, you are all familiar with it, whether you watched it or not. It's one of those action-packed shows that will leave you glued to your seat for hours on end. It's back and better than ever. It left us with a cliffhanger that we were all dying to know the answer to, but it doesn't matter if you didn't see season 1 or season 2, because it will still be as good as ever. In this release you will find all 22 episodes from season one(the first half of season 2) of "Prison Break". The box art is simple, with a red background and an orange bar going across the middle that contains the name of the show and its logo. The back features a snapshot that showed Lincoln on top of a bus jumping from one side to another to save his brother Michael. It also contains a synopsis of the show and a list of all of the episodes on it. Season 1's 22 episodes are divided into two parts, the first 11 episodes make up disc 1(episodes one through eleven) and disc 2(episodes twelve through twenty-two). The special features include, deleted scenes from every episode from season 1 along with commentaries from some of the cast members from season 1 and it also includes a prison break: making of featurette, which is just a behind the scenes look at the making of season one. There is also a gag reel that is about 3 minutes long. And finally, there is an audio commentary for episode eleven. The quality of the image was great. It almost looked like it's 1080p (it's still not), but it looked beautiful, crisp and clear. The colors were all very bright and vivid; the blacks were nice and dark. It was great viewing on my 1080p tv set. The audio on this release was also flawless, it contains a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound track that sounds amazing while watching the show, the action scenes had excellent surround channel usage, although it had no channel separation at all throughout the duration of this season set(not even in the special features). The audio was dolby digital 5.1 and it sounded very good, the audio was clear and easy to hear and understand during the entire season set. The show Prison break is one of those shows that everyone will love. If you haven't seen season 1 or season 2 then I suggest you buy this ASAP because it's a great show that I think everyone can enjoy, just like most shows on fox(the only channel worth watching). Pros: great audio, with wonderful Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound; excellent video quality; amazing box art; special features. Cons: none.


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